What if Earth’s timeline was compressed into a year?

What if Earth’s timeline was compressed into a year?

What if on January 1st, the was formed and and today is December 31st – 23:59:59 PM? How would it take place? You would think that we were born somewhere in August right? Get ready to be blown if you don’t know it already.

All the fascinating facts are at the end. If you don’t have patience then skip to the end part. But reading all the way through will be more fun, I promise.

1st Jan. – The Earth forms, along with everything else in our solar system.
3rd Jan. – A -sized object collides with Earth, producing the debris that will form the .
24th Jan. – The continents begin to form.

February and March:
This would be good months to stay in your cabin. The Earth’s environment was chaotic. Incessant wind and rain would erode away barren mountains.

April and May:
First evidence of life appears. Single cell organisms are formed.

It would be a broad channel of water. 60 percent of today’s land is underwater. Zero plant .

Half of the year has already passed and no signs of Dinosaurs yet hun? Keep wondering.

July and August:
Finally, around the middle of July, first cell with Nucleus emerges.

7th September: Enters the Moon

First multicellular organism appears. We’re getting closer.

First Plant and Fish appears.

Now It Starts:

December 1st, 8:49 AM: First Insect appears.
December 2nd, 3:54 AM: First land animal appears.
December 5th, 5:50 PM: First Reptiles
December 13, 8:37 PM: Dinosaurs. FINALLY!!!!! (Mesozoic Era)
December 14: First Mammals
December 22: First Flowering Plants.
December 26: First ancestors of Dogs and Cats.
December 27: Grasslands

December 31st:
22:24 – Stone Age
23:48 – First “Modern
23:59:48 – Pyramid was build
23:59:54: Buddha was born and rise of Roman Empire
23:59:55: Jesus Christ was born. (00 AD)
23:59:58: America was Discovered
23:59:59 and some micro seconds later – Electricity was discovered.
23:59:59 and some nanoseconds later…… Marilyn Monroe was born. (Because men will be men)

Basically, you and I are on this earth for less than a pico second, first so called modern was born some 12 minutes ago, even the dinosaurs were in existence for more than 2–3 days and we think that we are important and Own this world. Hahaha…..
Just think how old our is. If The Big Bang happened on 1st January, then Sun was born somewhere around August.