What is “The Matrix”  movie about?

What is “The Matrix” movie about?

At first the engine thought why not give their human hosts the perfect world (matrix), so that they were all happy in their dreams and machines could have fun with all that power ( batteries). But as shows that it will fail dramatically and that happens. So an intuitive program called oracle comes up with a solution in the form of choice, where if the human is given a choice instead of accepting it without choice, they accept that choice easily, without any regrets.

Again this catches up. Only 99% followed this pattern, 1% chose a choice that was not desired by the . thus representing exceptions in the operating system. Now how do you handle it? Therefore an agent was created who would examine this anomaly. Again this catches up. If exceptions increase in number with time, super exceptions appear (Neo, one) in the form of a human mind that cannot be controlled by a machine.

The problem is “handling exceptions in one place instead of handling them separately.” Therefore, Oracle acts as a guide to these anomalies and with the same principle of choice, giving them the choice to be killed by an agent or out of the matrix (red pill).

Matrix red pill, blue pill

As their anomaly, they will obviously choose the red pill and come out to build and live in Zion. Oracle actually plays this chosen game so well that the subject (he too) believes that he can predict the future. But in he advised them to choose the choices he wanted and create a future according to his wishes (flowers) vase). A kind of chess algorithm that predicts all possible movements and their results, with the added advantage of luring your opponent to play the movement you want.

Thus the oracle gives them a purpose and predictions that there will be people who will help them defeat these machines. So find him and take him to me. Now after one (super exception) is identified and presented to oracle. He with the same game of choice, lured him to believe in predictions and also included code and hardware and actual hardware in the real world), which allowed the machine to give him additional strength in and tracking in the real world .

All is done and said, finally the error increases and the is on the verge of crash. At this point it is handled by many ways by architects. All this with simultaneous attacks on zion (location and entries confirmed by software and hardware implants for tracking).

But waiting for destruction is not the answer, there must be control over the answer (senator). So it was captured by the architect and given the choice to return and let all humans kill or take 23 individuals, 16 women, 7 men (a strong population to produce a healthy generation). If he chooses to be saved, then he must provide learning from this iteration to put it back into the matrix (patch OS) to reboot the system.

matrix worls

As the only program in nature is actually human, then at this time the choice will and must choose to save humanity. So he did it and the whole iteration began again. With, the new one finally. This has happened 6 times with 6, 6 zion, 6 wars, 6 zion destruction. And with each OS iteration (matrix) patched and made more efficient.

Because, as we both know for no reason, we would not exist. Agent Smith (later simply “Smith”) was a black matrix and blacksmith agent and the main antagonist in the series, after being destroyed by Neo, became Exile Program and manifested as a virus.

But again it is a super (one) exception to choose unexpected choices, so the time finally comes and people choose to return to the matrix. Combined with the system’s efforts to balance unequal equations in the form of Agent Smith. It becomes unavoidable for the engine to correct this iteration. Therefore he plans to move to plan B, destroy all humans and let the matrix be destroyed by a virus named Agen Smith before it can damage other systems.