What’s the average size of an human penis

What’s the average size of an human penis

Research on average penis size has confirmed racial stereotypes, with Africans coming out on top, Asians at the bottom and Europeans somewhere in between.

Black men DO NOT have significantly larger average penis size compared to other races and ethnic groups. This is just a racist trope and stereotype that seems to have perpetuated itself for hundreds of years ever since the beginning of colonialism.

The true reality is that there are only TRIVIAL differences in average penis size between ethnic and racial groups. The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University conducted a study in 2013 on the penis size of 1,661 American men. The average white male has a penis 5.6 in (14.18 cm) in length and 4.8 in (12.2 cm) in circumference. The average African-American male had a penis 5.8 in (14.66 cm) in length and 4.9 in (12.3 cm) in circumference.

The difference in average penis size between whites and blacks is so small that it is statistically insignificant, negligible, and maybe even within the margin of error. So the difference in penis size between white men and black men is essentially meaningless.

different penis sizes

I know some of you will argue that this might be due to the fact that African-Americans have roughly 20–30% of their genetic makeup from white European ancestry and that maybe Africans from Africa could have much bigger penis sizes, but there is no substantial scientific evidence supporting that hypothesis either.

A 2004 study reported that “there is no scientific background to support the alleged ‘oversized’ penis in black people”  A 2007 study reported that “there is little evidence of racial differences” in average penis size [3]. A 2015 review found that it was not possible to draw any conclusions about size and race from the available literature and that further research needed to be conducted [4]. Finally, there was a study of Nigerian men in 1985 that measured over 300 men age 17 to 23 and found the average length of a flaccid penis to be 3.21 inches, which is almost half an inch SHORTER than the average flaccid length [5]. The only study I’m aware of that contradicts this is a study by Richard Lynn, but his methodology was flawed because the penis length data was gathered from websites. There was no professional random sampling, reliable penis measuring, or reliable statistical analysis. It had terrible methodology and other scientists criticized it. Jelte Wicherts, professor of methodology at Tilburg University, Holland, said about Richard Lynn’s study: “This is a brave paper in a controversial area but the data has no methodology”[6]. Not to mention the fact that Richard Lynn is a notorious racist scientist who has spent a large portion of his scientific career trying to prove that white people are vastly superior to black people and he recently gave a speech for the American Renaissance, an alt-right white nationalist organization, and argued that “Europeans shouldn’t have gotten rid of slavery” at some point in his speech, so he is a really biased source for a topic like this. Based on these data, it’s very unlikely that black African men have significantly larger average penis sizes than other racial groups.

Unfortunately, the idea that blacks have bigger penises than whites has been a long-lasting racist trope that has been used to justify racism and stems from the opinions of 16th century West Africa that described black men and women as bestial, animalistic, and hypersexual. This description also included the black man as a “sexual superman” with a penis larger than the white man and increased potency. This was used to justify racism and the slavery of black people during the colonial era because it contributed to the political narrative that Africans were “animal savages” that needed to be “tamed.” Strangely enough, this myth has somehow still persisted to this day.